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        About us

        About us

        Janyear was extablished in 1980, we are one of the earliest manufacters who self-produce the concrete pump parts in China. With the development over the last three decades, we have become one of the biggest concrete pump parts manufacturers, specialize in series of rubber end hose, rubber piston, steel pipe, twin-wall pipe & elbow, coupling etc. With the economic globalization in this century, Janyear has extended the products with the advanced engineering machinery into markets all around the world, including Mideast, Australia, Southeast Asia and Euope.

        More info

        Core advantages

        Thirty years of development

        Ningbo Zhengyi Pump Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in 1980.It is one of the earliest manufacturers of pump accessories in China.

        Quality advantage

        The company continues to improve product quality, based on "high quality, reasonable price"。Meet market demand and win praise from customers

        Perfect sales network

        With advanced engineering machinery products entering the global market, including the Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe



        The main points of concrete pump tube cleaning

        After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipeline must be exported, and then the pump, hopper, and pipeline are rinsed. The residual concrete output can be used for concrete construction such as tunnel

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