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        Company Profile

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        廠房門面照.jpgJanyear was extablished in 1980, we are one of the earliest manufacters who self-produce the concrete pump parts in China. With the development over the last three decades, we have become one of the biggest concrete pump parts manufacturers, specialize in series of rubber end hose, rubber piston, steel pipe, twin-wall pipe & elbow, coupling etc.

        With the economic globalization in this century, Janyear has extended the products with the advanced engineering machinery into markets all around the world, including Mideast, Australia, Southeast Asia and Euope. We are continuously improving our products' quality. According to the high-quality and competitive price to meet the markets' requirements and to win good reputation in customers covering all over the world.

        Ningbo Janyear Concrete Pump Parts Co., Ltd., is located in Ningbo which possesses one of the biggest ports named Beilun, it is about 300 kilometers away from the Chinese Economic Center —- Shanghai. We sincere welcome you to visit.

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